Bird Cams

A live Sea Eagle nest camera located at the Sydney Olympic Park in Sydney, Australia.
They’re rather sleepy sometimes.

Mrs. Tiger is a wild Great Horned Owl located in Northwest Oklahoma City, OK.
Owls are some of my favorite birds to watch.

Phoebe is a Channel Island Allens hummingbird in Orange County, California.
She has been laying 4 to 5 clutches each year for several years.

On a private portion of the White Rock bluff overlooking Boundary Bay is a small grove of evergreens. One tree, only about 100 feet from the back porch of the home, has an Bald eagle nest in it.

This was originally a red tail hawk nest, rebuilt by bald eagles in 1998-99. Then when the eagle nest was disturbed by somone climbing the tree, it was abandoned. The adult eagles moved, to be the first local pair to nest on a nearby high tension power line tower.

Cornell University/All About Birds has a variety of Bird Cams at this location.

Mel (male) & Sydney (female), are a mating pair of barn owls located in Oceanside, California

Webcam of peregrine falcons nesting at the University of Calgary – active during the summer.

This is a live feed of a wild mating pair of bald eagles.


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