Pests of the feeders

Squirrels, Deer, Bears, Mink, Marten and Chipmunks, some of the pests of the feeder world.
They plunder, kill and feast on their ill-gained booty. Just how do you deal with them? There are a number of ways to counter them including the following:

Two options are you can either buy pre-made baffles or make them yourself.
1.   Stores you can purchase them at include Squirrel Stopper, Backyard Wild Birds and For The Birds Nature Shop to name a few.

2. To make them yourself, you can tie an old bag around the pole like shown: 

Or you can use a pylon in the same fashion.

I also find that shooting them with a water pistol is a very effective short-term strategy!

American (Pine) Marten
Pine (American) Marten

A Pine Marten that came to our feeders last year. He left with a stomach full of Clark’s Nutcracker, after staying a few days.

If you find out some other ways I would love to hear about them.





One thought on “Pests of the feeders”

  1. We don’t have many pests here. Squirrels don’t come often, and when they do we throw pine cones at them or sometimes try to get them with a airsoft gun. And, we have a dog, so that keeps them away. At our Opa’s in Ontario there are lots and lots and lots and lots of Squirrels. We’ve counted over 8 at one time! They climb up the finch feeder or suet feeder to get at the sunflower seeds. I don’t do anything about it because I like squirrels and they are fun to watch.

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