Pests of the feeders

Squirrels, Deer, Bears, Mink, Marten and Chipmunks, some of the pests of the feeder world.
They plunder, kill and feast on their ill-gained booty. Just how do you deal with them? There are a number of ways to counter them including the following:

Two options are you can either buy pre-made baffles or make them yourself.
1.   Stores you can purchase them at include Squirrel Stopper, Backyard Wild Birds and For The Birds Nature Shop to name a few.

2. To make them yourself, you can tie an old bag around the pole like shown: 

Or you can use a pylon in the same fashion.

I also find that shooting them with a water pistol is a very effective short-term strategy!

American (Pine) Marten

Pine (American) Marten

A Pine Marten that came to our feeders last year. He left with a stomach full of Clark’s Nutcracker, after staying a few days.

If you find out some other ways I would love to hear about them.





1 thought on “Pests of the feeders

  1. Josiah - Backyard BirdWatcher

    We don’t have many pests here. Squirrels don’t come often, and when they do we throw pine cones at them or sometimes try to get them with a airsoft gun. And, we have a dog, so that keeps them away. At our Opa’s in Ontario there are lots and lots and lots and lots of Squirrels. We’ve counted over 8 at one time! They climb up the finch feeder or suet feeder to get at the sunflower seeds. I don’t do anything about it because I like squirrels and they are fun to watch.


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