Eagle Quiz

The difference between  Bald and Golden eagle immatures can be frustrating.
Can you tell the difference?

To see if you can, I’m asking you to comment on this photo of an eagle my mum took a couple years ago. It’s already identified but all answers are OK.

Bald Eagle (immature)

If you decide to comment, please put your identification of this bird, and how you got it in the comment.
Feel free to guess, but if you are, please say so.

Soon, I’ll post the actual ID, along with some guidance and answers to any questions.

6 thoughts on “Eagle Quiz”

  1. I think it has something to do with white feathers on chest (bald eagle) and more white on wing tips and tail for Golden. And I think Golden eagles have larger heads but you don’t have a bald eagle to compare with here. I’m going to go with golden eagle

  2. I remember that you can tell the difference by the feet but I can’t remember what I’m supposed to look for so I’m just going to guess that it’s a Bald Eagle

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