Feathers on Friday – for two weeks

I have not posted very recently because I am on vacation! I do not expect to get out the weekly posts right now, but will continue where I left off. Here is my feathers on Friday post for these two weeks.
I am currently on my way to Long Point, one of the greatest birding spots in Canada. I hope that I will get a post out after this, but I cannot guarantee that. Here is a photo of a Northern Cardinal I saw recently. Can you guess where I am?


10 thoughts on “Feathers on Friday – for two weeks”

  1. Oh I envy you ,Long Point is on my “bucket List”…….have a wonderful time. Love the cardinal photo.

  2. Long Point is a fantastic birding destination, definitely worth a visit. Hope you enjoy it. That’s a great photo of the cardinal as well.

    1. Thanks!
      Have you birded Long Point before?
      It’s going well right now.
      The LPBO (Long Point Bird Observatory) is a great place. I was out there this morning, helping with the birds in the mist nets and birding as well. Tomorrow is my big birding day. Hope to get lots!


      1. I haven’t had a chance to bird in the park, but have had some great success at the Bird Studies Canada property just outside the park. That must have been a great experience working with mist nets. Hope your big day went well.

        1. Thanks!
          It was a wonderful experience with the nets, and I intend to get a post out with some photos soon. My big day was great!I hope to leave some suspense, but lets just say that it was a lot better than expected!!


  3. Oh! It says you posted this four minutes ago! Hi!
    I was wondering why you hadn’t posted for a while. Just while I was eating supper I realized you were probably already in Ontario!
    That is a fantastic photo! I love Cardinals!

    By the way, what was the answer for the WWBW? I’m itching to know! 😀 Have a good trip to Long Point!

    1. Yep, I’m in Ontario, alright. 🙂
      For anyone who wants to know, my last WWBW was a Bohemian Waxwing!
      I will not post another until I’m back.

      I saw some Caspian Terns today. I absolutely love those birds!
      Looking forward to seeing you guys on the flight back!


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