Calgary 2015 Challenge Notice

I have changed the layout of my new page (Calgary 2015 Competition) to make it a little easier to read. There is now information on what birds to look for, what places have the highest species count, the bird of the month, and more for each month.IMG_1009

The “Where to Bird” is a new addition, as is the “All Species.” The latter has each species, sub-species and intergrade ever reported to eBird in the circle, with the link to the map with all reports of that species. The former is a list of the best places to bird, with the highest species count for the area, and a map that shows you where the location is. As the page is about the competition, all of the locations are inside the circle.

One more piece will be coming soon: Recent Observations! This will have all of the species recently reported to eBird in the circle, and where they are to be found.

Please take a look and tell me what you think in the comments.

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