Calgary 2015 Bird Watchers Challenge

I am competing in the “Calgary 2015 Birding Challenge.”

The Calgary 2015 Birding Challenge, is a friendly competition organised by Nature Calgary.
The rules are, to put it simply, that any bird reported by a contestant within the 80 km radius circle is added to that persons list of species. The highest species count at the end of 2015 wins. There are a few categories that you can be part of. According to my age, I am in the youth category.

Some of the Pine Grosbeaks I have seen in the circle.

I have put up a page (you can choose Calgary 2015 Competition in the menu, or just click here) that helps my fellow birders to find the most likely birds each month, the birds that you might only see this month and a list of all the birds ever reported in that month. The page will change information for the different months.

For more information, you can go to Nature Calgary and Birds Calgary.
Come back soon, because I will be giving updates shortly.

I want to thank all of you who read and have subscribed to my blog, and also a special thank you to Bob Lefebvre for promoting my blog on the afore mentioned Nature Calgary.

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