Great Canadian Birdathon

The Great Canadian Birdathon is a fundraiser to help endangered species, and to KEEP COMMON BIRDS COMMON. Anybody can take part, simply by registering here. Once registered, you build a webpage, and send emails out to friends and family. You set a goal and raise funds to get it, but the main thing is that when you register, you get a free day birding! ¬†You can chose any day in May and for 24 hours (it doesn’t have to start at midnight) you get out and see as many bird species as you can.

Should you not be able to, or not want to register, you can still help! Even if you don’t personally ¬†know me or another participant, you can donate to help them reach their goal and to save the birds you love. ¬†My webpage is here. It’s that simple! ¬†There is no designated amount to donate, so you can give anywhere from $1 to $10, 000 (Though I recommend about 20 to 100¬†dollars, anything is OK). Please consider donating to this important cause! You can also donate per species, as a good friend of mine does.

Last year, I found 88 species in Long Point, two years ago, I got 91 species, and three years ago, I caught 70 species in the field. This year, My goal is 700 Can$, and between 97 and 103 species. My complete lists from the last three years are here: Baillie Birdathon 2013, Baillie Birdathon 2014 and Great Canadian Birdathon 2015. I have included photos from previous years below.

Great Canadian Birdathon 2015

Brown Thrasher
Brown Thrasher
Scarlet Tanager, Old PP
Scarlet Tanager, Old PP

Baillie Birdathon 2014

Raven eating pigeon
Common Raven, eating an alive (though not for much longer) Rock Pigeon
Chipping Sparrow

Baillie Birdathon 2013

Osprey, again

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