The Twelve Days of Birding (#12)


Baillie Birdathon
One of many things people have helped me with, donating to help the conservation of bird species.

On the Twelth Day of Christmas, Birds and Birders gave to me:

5 years of friendship!

Over the years I have gone from knowing almost no one who is interested in birds, to finding whole communities of people who care about birds. They have been very generous giving me all sorts of useful stuff, e.g. this blog, friendship, my binoculars, etc.

From the day my interest in birds was established, to today, people have supported me in all sorts of ways. They have taken me to places, taught me about the natural world¬† and helped me ID unknown birds. People who I hadn’t even met before have invited me in to their homes and yards to watch their backyard birds with them. I have even received emails asking for the identification of birds, world wide!

Many of these people have become good friends and I am looking forward to meeting more people during my birding life.

Thanks to all of you who have been part of my birding life – have a great year in 2014!

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