The Twelve Days of Birding (#6)

Grey Partridge
Grey Partridge


On the sixth Day of Christmas, my aunt gave to me:

6 Grey Partridge!

The first time I saw Grey Partridge was a year ago, on a Snowy Owl hunt when we had stopped at my aunt’s and in the back yard was a small bunch of Grey Partridge, just sitting there. After a while, they flew over the fence into the neighbors lot, but we could still see them hiding under the porch, feeding.

Lately, we have been seeing them around alot more then we’re used to. In fact, two days ago  we got our car ditched ,looking half at a flock of partridge, half at a falcon of some sort (unfortunatly we didn’t get to ID it – we were ditched after all). Grey Partridge are amazing birds, with their small, grey bodies, and their orange patches. So don’t forget to notice them as you drive past – you won’t regret it!

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