The Twelve Days of Birding (#7)

Flammulated Owl
Flammulated Owl

On the Seventh Day of Christmas, Dick Cannings gave to me:

A Flammulated Owl!

Last year our family vacation was a camping trip to the West coast. My Dad – without telling me – had contacted Dick Cannings, one of Canada’s best-known birders.  He works for Bird Studies Canada amongst other things.

Even though he’d never met me, he very kindly took me and my Dad out to one of his favourite birding hotspots, where we saw quite a few lifetime firsts.  The most special was a Flammulated Owl in its nesting box (which he had made many years earlier).

We also saw Black-headed Grosbeak, Lazuli Bunting, Gray Catbird and lots more.

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  1. Just subscribed to your blog and I am very impressed! I found your Dec blog:
    “Twelve days Of Christmas” most enjoyable. I noticed the log nesting box made by Dick Canning and have a question.. I made log nesting boxes last fall, the roof is removable and looks similar to Dick’s nesting box. Do you know how Dick cleans his log nesting boxes?

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