The Twelve Days of Birding (#8)

On the eighth Day of Christmas, Mary gave to me:

8×40 Minolta Activa binoculars!

A most generous gift, which I received from a Bird Count friend after she saw me sharing a pair with my Dad.  A few days later she gave me a very nice pair of binoculars which I now use all the time, and love.

To have a pair of binos that have such clear lenses and great light-gathering power is wonderful.  And my Dad is slightly jealous!


4 thoughts on “The Twelve Days of Birding (#8)”

  1. That’s wonderful, Ethan! No doubt they were a big help to have along on the bird count. It was a very cold day; how did the excursion go?

  2. Ethan, you are doing a wonderful job with the 12 Days of Birding. I am enjoying your creativity and the history of your developing interest in the Birding World. We don’t have very many birds at the moment as it is VERY cold and icy. I will have to go out tomorrow and break the ice away from the feeder troughs as I am sure a little chickadee beak would not be able to poke a hole in it.

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