Feathers on Friday – Boreal Chickadee

IMG_0997This Boreal Chickadee (along with one other) visited our feeders the other day. Just a little tip for all of you feeder watchers, a few years ago, we went on a retreat where one of the nearby houses had a small tree trunk attached to his deck, along with the feeders. The birds loved it! Last year, I decided to do that, and it worked very well. This year, however, I took it to another level and put in a small tree which we had found blown over in the forest. I would later put in another, similar one, and they passed my highest expectations!

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3 thoughts on “Feathers on Friday – Boreal Chickadee”

  1. This is a great tip, Ethan, thanks! I’ve hung up a feeder (in the city, attached to a fence), and it’s not getting an awful lot of visitors. I’ll see if i can find a trunk to help entice some feathered friends!

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