Feathers on Friday

IMG_3338American Robins are amongst the returning migrants, filling every neighbourhood here with their joyful songs. Many other birds are returning also, including Song Sparrow, both kinds of Swan, and Golden Eagles. Bluebirds and thrushes are in constant peril from the nesting Northern Goshawks down near Mt Lorret. If that isn’t enough to get you out in the bush looking for them, the weather’s getting warmer and the days longer by the day! Get out there and see some of your favourite birds, finally back!

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5 thoughts on “Feathers on Friday”

  1. I saw a robiin yesterday….yahoo. We still have 8-10 inches of snow all over the yards and way more in drifts. And it snowed today. Poor robins.

    1. I do too! I havn’t seen one in a very long time, though. But I’m getting out tommorro to see them if they’re around Lorret! 🙂 🙂

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