A Couple of Links – Nature’s value and risks

Here is a pair of links my Dad sent me. I find them quite interesting.

The first one is about a man returning to nature after spending a good chunk of his life working in cities, and how he does it. He set a goal to see every speicies of butterfly in Brittan, and saw all 59 of them in one year! After that, he decided to try and watch badgers during their night foraging and sees a Tawny Owl.


Spix Macaw (image by Joseph Smit)
Spix Macaw (image by Joseph Smit)

The second illustrates the Spix’s Macaw and the extreme danger the species is in. The article describes it as the rarest species of bird in the world and is raising a petition to save its habitat and that of the Three-banded Armadillo. The macaw is actually the bird species featured in the movies Rio and Rio2. BBC Radio 4 investigated this question too – you can listen to the program here.


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