Birds-Year List 2013 (178 sp.)

This means the birds I have seen this year, 2013. Listed most recent sightings at the top.
Life birds are in bold.

178. Townsend’s Solitaire    (On 17-Nov-2013 in CA-AB)

177. Northern Shrike    (On 26-Oct-2013 in CA-BC)

176. Rusty Blackbird    (On 19-Oct-2013 in CA-AB)

175. Pectoral Sandpiper    (On 12-Oct-2013 in CA-BC)

174. American Golden-Plover    (On 20-Sep-2013 in CA-AB)

173. Black-bellied Plover    (On 20-Sep-2013 in CA-AB)

172. Parasitic Jaeger    (On 20-Sep-2013 in CA-AB)

171. Golden-crowned Kinglet    (On 02-Sep-2013 in CA-AB)

170. Stilt Sandpiper    (On 01-Sep-2013 in CA-AB)

169. Gray Catbird    (On 01-Sep-2013 in CA-AB)

168. Bonaparte’s Gull    (On 31-Aug-2013 in CA-AB)

167. Sabine’s Gull    (On 31-Aug-2013 in CA-AB)

166. American Kestrel    (On 30-Aug-2013 in CA-AB)

165. Gray Partridge    (On 18-Aug-2013 in CA-AB)

164. Tennessee Warbler    (On 17-Aug-2013 in CA-AB)

163. Vesper Sparrow    (On 17-Aug-2013 in CA-AB)

162. Least Sandpiper    (On 17-Aug-2013 in CA-AB)

161. Baird’s Sandpiper    (On 17-Aug-2013 in CA-AB)

160. Lesser Yellowlegs    (On 17-Aug-2013 in CA-AB)

159. Greater Yellowlegs    (On 17-Aug-2013 in CA-AB)

158. Baltimore Oriole    (On 17-Aug-2013 in CA-AB)

157. Black-and-white Warbler    (On 17-Aug-2013 in CA-AB)

156. House Wren    (On 17-Aug-2013 in CA-AB)

155. Loggerhead Shrike    (On 11-Aug-2013 in CA-AB)

154. Common Nighthawk    (On 11-Aug-2013 in CA-AB)

153. Western Kingbird    (On 11-Aug-2013 in CA-AB)

152. White-faced Ibis    (On 11-Aug-2013 in CA-AB)

151. Black-crowned Night-Heron    (On 11-Aug-2013 in CA-AB)

150. American White Pelican    (On 11-Aug-2013 in CA-AB)

149. Swainson’s Hawk    (On 11-Aug-2013 in CA-AB)

148. American Pipit    (On 03-Aug-2013 in CA-AB)

147. Mute Swan    (On 29-Jul-2013 in CA-ON)

146. Scarlet Tanager    (On 24-Jul-2013 in CA-ON)

145. Red-eyed Vireo    (On 24-Jul-2013 in CA-ON)

144. Blue-headed Vireo    (On 24-Jul-2013 in CA-ON)

143. Yellow-throated Vireo    (On 24-Jul-2013 in CA-ON)

142. Eastern Wood-Pewee    (On 24-Jul-2013 in CA-ON)

141. Common Grackle    (On 23-Jul-2013 in CA-ON)

140. Cedar Waxwing    (On 23-Jul-2013 in CA-ON)

139. Northern Cardinal    (On 22-Jul-2013 in CA-ON)

138. Mourning Dove    (On 22-Jul-2013 in CA-ON)

137. American Goldfinch    (On 17-Jul-2013 in CA-ON)

136. Green Heron    (On 17-Jul-2013 in CA-ON)

135. American Black Duck    (On 16-Jul-2013 in CA-ON)

134. Blackburnian Warbler    (On 15-Jul-2013 in CA-ON)

133. Double-crested Cormorant    (On 13-Jul-2013 in CA-ON)

132. Pine Warbler    (On 13-Jul-2013 in CA-ON)

131. Gadwall    (On 15-Jun-2013 in CA-AB)

130. Brewer’s Blackbird    (On 08-Jun-2013 in CA-AB)

129. American Redstart    (On 08-Jun-2013 in CA-AB)

128. Eastern Kingbird    (On 08-Jun-2013 in CA-AB)

127. Willow Flycatcher    (On 08-Jun-2013 in CA-AB)

126. Western Wood-Pewee    (On 08-Jun-2013 in CA-AB)

125. Pileated Woodpecker    (On 08-Jun-2013 in CA-AB)

124. Calliope Hummingbird    (On 26-May-2013 in CA-AB)

123. Rufous Hummingbird    (On 26-May-2013 in CA-AB)

122. Common Yellowthroat    (On 25-May-2013 in CA-AB)

121. Yellow Warbler    (On 25-May-2013 in CA-AB)

120. Orange-crowned Warbler    (On 25-May-2013 in CA-AB)

119. Marsh Wren    (On 25-May-2013 in CA-AB)

118. Sora    (On 25-May-2013 in CA-AB)

117. California Gull    (On 24-May-2013 in CA-AB)

116. Willet    (On 24-May-2013 in CA-AB)

115. Black Tern    (On 24-May-2013 in CA-AB)

114. Red-necked Phalarope    (On 24-May-2013 in CA-AB)

113. Wilson’s Phalarope    (On 24-May-2013 in CA-AB)

112. Western Grebe    (On 24-May-2013 in CA-AB)

111. Blue-winged Teal    (On 24-May-2013 in CA-AB)

110. Common Tern    (On 24-May-2013 in CA-AB)

109. Purple Martin    (On 24-May-2013 in CA-AB)

108. Swainson’s Thrush    (On 24-May-2013 in CA-AB)

107. Cliff Swallow    (On 24-May-2013 in CA-AB)

106. Bank Swallow    (On 24-May-2013 in CA-AB)

105. Spotted Sandpiper    (On 24-May-2013 in CA-AB)

104. Wood Duck    (On 24-May-2013 in CA-AB)

103. American Avocet    (On 20-May-2013 in CA-AB)

102. Cinnamon Teal    (On 20-May-2013 in CA-AB)

101. Yellow-headed Blackbird    (On 20-May-2013 in CA-AB)

100. Chipping Sparrow    (On 19-May-2013 in CA-AB)

99. Brown-headed Cowbird    (On 18-May-2013 in CA-AB)

98. Western Tanager    (On 18-May-2013 in CA-AB)

97. White-crowned Sparrow    (On 18-May-2013 in CA-AB)

96. Lincoln’s Sparrow    (On 18-May-2013 in CA-AB)

95. Clay-colored Sparrow    (On 18-May-2013 in CA-AB)

94. Townsend’s Warbler    (On 18-May-2013 in CA-AB)

93. Yellow-rumped Warbler    (On 18-May-2013 in CA-AB)

92. Northern Waterthrush    (On 18-May-2013 in CA-AB)

91. Ruby-crowned Kinglet    (On 18-May-2013 in CA-AB)

90. Barn Swallow    (On 18-May-2013 in CA-AB)

89. Northern Rough-winged Swallow    (On 18-May-2013 in CA-AB)

88. Warbling Vireo    (On 18-May-2013 in CA-AB)

87. Wilson’s Snipe    (On 18-May-2013 in CA-AB)

86. Sharp-shinned Hawk    (On 18-May-2013 in CA-AB)

85. Savannah Sparrow    (On 02-May-2013 in CA-AB)

84. Rough-legged Hawk    (On 27-Apr-2013 in CA-AB)

83. Canvasback    (On 27-Apr-2013 in CA-AB)

82. Snow Goose    (On 27-Apr-2013 in CA-AB)

81. Greater White-fronted Goose    (On 27-Apr-2013 in CA-AB)

80. Franklin’s Gull    (On 27-Apr-2013 in CA-AB)

79. Sandhill Crane    (On 27-Apr-2013 in CA-AB)

78. Purple Finch    (On 27-Apr-2013 in CA-AB)

77. Northern Harrier    (On 26-Apr-2013 in CA-AB)

76. Horned Grebe    (On 26-Apr-2013 in CA-AB)

75. Tundra Swan    (On 26-Apr-2013 in CA-AB)

74. Herring Gull    (On 26-Apr-2013 in CA-AB)

73. Ring-billed Gull    (On 26-Apr-2013 in CA-AB)

72. Eared Grebe    (On 26-Apr-2013 in CA-AB)

71. Osprey    (On 26-Apr-2013 in CA-AB)

70. Red-necked Grebe    (On 21-Apr-2013 in CA-AB)

69. Great Blue Heron    (On 13-Apr-2013 in CA-AB)

68. Greater Scaup    (On 13-Apr-2013 in CA-AB)

67. Common Loon    (On 13-Apr-2013 in CA-AB)

66. Black-necked Stilt    (On 07-Apr-2013 in CA-AB)

65. Red-winged Blackbird    (On 04-Apr-2013 in CA-BC)

64. Song Sparrow    (On 04-Apr-2013 in CA-BC)

63. Tree Swallow    (On 04-Apr-2013 in CA-BC)

62. Killdeer    (On 04-Apr-2013 in CA-BC)

61. American Coot    (On 04-Apr-2013 in CA-BC)

60. Pied-billed Grebe    (On 04-Apr-2013 in CA-BC)

59. Ruddy Duck    (On 04-Apr-2013 in CA-BC)

58. Hooded Merganser    (On 04-Apr-2013 in CA-BC)

57. Northern Shoveler    (On 04-Apr-2013 in CA-BC)

56. Hairy Woodpecker    (On 03-Apr-2013 in CA-BC)

55. Steller’s Jay    (On 02-Apr-2013 in CA-BC)

54. Western Meadowlark    (On 02-Apr-2013 in CA-BC)

53. House Finch    (On 02-Apr-2013 in CA-BC)

52. Violet-green Swallow    (On 02-Apr-2013 in CA-BC)

51. Merlin    (On 02-Apr-2013 in CA-BC)

50. Turkey Vulture    (On 02-Apr-2013 in CA-BC)

49. European Starling    (On 30-Mar-2013 in CA-AB)

48. Mountain Bluebird    (On 30-Mar-2013 in CA-AB)

47. Golden Eagle    (On 30-Mar-2013 in CA-AB)

46. Lesser Scaup    (On 24-Mar-2013 in CA-AB)

45. Redhead    (On 24-Mar-2013 in CA-AB)

44. Northern Pintail    (On 24-Mar-2013 in CA-AB)

43. American Wigeon    (On 24-Mar-2013 in CA-AB)

42. Trumpeter Swan    (On 24-Mar-2013 in CA-AB)

41. Cackling Goose    (On 24-Mar-2013 in CA-AB)

40. Great Horned Owl    (On 22-Mar-2013 in CA-AB)

39. American Robin    (On 17-Mar-2013 in CA-AB)

38. American Three-toed Woodpecker    (On 17-Mar-2013 in CA-AB)

37. Varied Thrush    (On 16-Mar-2013 in CA-AB)

36. Cooper’s Hawk    (On 21-Feb-2013 in CA-AB)

35. Red-tailed Hawk    (On 09-Feb-2013 in CA-AB)

34. Pine Siskin    (On 08-Feb-2013 in CA-AB)

33. Bald Eagle    (On 01-Feb-2013 in CA-AB)

32. Common Merganser    (On 01-Feb-2013 in CA-AB)

31. Barrow’s Goldeneye    (On 01-Feb-2013 in CA-AB)

30. Bufflehead    (On 01-Feb-2013 in CA-AB)

29. Canada Goose    (On 01-Feb-2013 in CA-AB)

28. Blue Jay    (On 26-Jan-2013 in CA-AB)

27. American Dipper    (On 20-Jan-2013 in CA-AB)

26. Green-winged Teal    (On 20-Jan-2013 in CA-AB)

25. American Crow    (On 19-Jan-2013 in CA-AB)

24. White-breasted Nuthatch    (On 13-Jan-2013 in CA-AB)

23. Evening Grosbeak    (On 12-Jan-2013 in CA-AB)

22. Belted Kingfisher    (On 06-Jan-2013 in CA-AB)

21. Common Goldeneye    (On 05-Jan-2013 in CA-AB)

20. Common Redpoll    (On 05-Jan-2013 in CA-AB)

19. Pine Grosbeak    (On 05-Jan-2013 in CA-AB)

18. Gray-crowned Rosy-Finch    (On 05-Jan-2013 in CA-AB)

17. Brown Creeper    (On 05-Jan-2013 in CA-AB)

16. Gray Jay    (On 05-Jan-2013 in CA-AB)

15. Downy Woodpecker    (On 05-Jan-2013 in CA-AB)

14. Black-capped Chickadee    (On 04-Jan-2013 in CA-AB)

13. House Sparrow    (On 03-Jan-2013 in CA-AB)

12. Boreal Chickadee    (On 03-Jan-2013 in CA-AB)

11. Clark’s Nutcracker    (On 03-Jan-2013 in CA-AB)

10. White-winged Crossbill    (On 01-Jan-2013 in CA-AB)

9. Dark-eyed Junco    (On 01-Jan-2013 in CA-AB)

8. Bohemian Waxwing    (On 01-Jan-2013 in CA-AB)

7. Red-breasted Nuthatch    (On 01-Jan-2013 in CA-AB)

6. Mountain Chickadee    (On 01-Jan-2013 in CA-AB)

5. Common Raven    (On 01-Jan-2013 in CA-AB)

4. Black-billed Magpie    (On 01-Jan-2013 in CA-AB)

3. Northern Flicker    (On 01-Jan-2013 in CA-AB)

2. Rock Pigeon    (On 01-Jan-2013 in CA-AB)

1. Mallard    (On 01-Jan-2013 in CA-AB)

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