A Trip to Kimberley #3

When the final day came, I was reluctant to leave. What birder wouldn’t be? However, when my Dad told me that we would be going to Wasa Lake, all my feelings of regret to leave vanished. When we got to the Lake, I immediately scanned the visible section of the lake, only to find nothing. Or so I thought. When my Dad looked, he foundĀ  the birds I had missed – some white blobs I had thought were buoys turned out to be swans with their heads tucked under their wings, in the classic sleeping position. After awhile, they looked up and eventually left.Trumpeter Swan, Common Merganser

There were also a large number of Mallards, almost 200! Among the Mallards were some American Wigeon. A Bald Eagle flew over head, as we walked down the shore, and a covert of American Coot swam out into the lake. When we moved on from the lake, it was to go to the Wasa Sloughs, where we saw the swans again, along with almost 30 Common Mergansers. On the other side of the road, a Belted Kingfisher called. Belted Kingfisher

I sensed that something great would happen that day. And indeed, we did not drive directly home, but stopped at a place that we had been confidently told there had been a special bird in. It was a snow-scoured landscape, the previous site of a large forest fire that had left the trees bare and branchless. And then we found it. Sitting in a tree about fifteen feet off was a Northern Hawk-Owl – a lifetime first for both me and my Dad, and the first bird I ever wrote about!

Northern Hawk-Owl
Northern Hawk-Owl


And that concludesĀ  A Trip To Kimberley, BC!

3 thoughts on “A Trip to Kimberley #3”

  1. Wow, sounds like someone is getting in shape for the upcoming Birdathon and species count with a trip to BC like that!
    I have been noticing your species account and feeling envious again, although I had pretty good birding luck the last few week or so myself so I can’t really complain. I look forward to our next birding trip together and hope the Denton bird luck rubs off on me then!

    1. Thanks!

      I can’t wait for the birdathon (I’m planning on scaring a certain sponsor with the number of rarities that I see!). What did you mean by “I had pretty good birding luck the last few week or so myself”?


  2. Congratulations on spotting the Northern Hawk Owl. Not only did you see it but you got a very good picture as well. From a birding point-of-view, it was a rewarding vacation.

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