List Updates

I am pleased to say that I will be updating my life and year lists soon, as the numbers have increased greatly. The Baillie Birdathon, the Bowkan Birdcount, and other random occasions have given my numbers a large boost!

On the Birdathon, I got 4 “lifers,” those beingĀ  Blackpoll Warbler, Least Flycatcher, Forster’s Tern and Swamp Sparrow. Then I also got many year firsts, including Eurasian Collared-Dove, Orange-crowned Warbler and Peregrine Falcon. Next came the Bowkan Birdcount, giving me a tally of only one lifer – Magnolia Warbler – but a vast number of year firsts, such as Rufous Hummingbird, Tennessee Warbler and others.

And only Wednesday, we saw a male Barred Owl in Canmore!

Barred Owl, male.

I have seen many others as well, so don’t forget to check my Year and Life Lists as soon as possible!

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