Tim Christensen’s What Bird Wednesday

IMG_2602When we were in Denver, a huge art festival was in process.
There were stands everywhere on every kind of art you could imagine.
Strolling down the road, looking at art stands, I eventually found a place that IMG_2603 really interested me – a potter’s table! I’ve liked pottery for a while now, but what caught me here, was that I overheard the maker explaining to a customer that the clay Wood Duck was not, in fact made of wood, but was an actual type of duck. This turned me to looking at the birds carved into the sides of the mugs, plates and bowls and identifyng them.  The man, who introduced himself as Tim Christensen, challenged me to identify all the birds he had! As I went through the list, I noticed that for every one I got, two more came out from under his desk! Astounded, I set myself on the task and finally got to the last one. A basin big enough to be a cat basket was adorned with seabirds. IMG_2601Being a mountain birder all my life, I’ve never been good with sea birds, and then was no exception. Even with the most amount of struggling my brain could handle, I drew short on two out of three species. When I had got the Northern Gannet, Tim surprised me greatly by saying that I had done so well that I could keep a cup! This post is to thank Tim for his gift to me. You can contact Tim here at his website.
Can you guess the bird engraved on the cup?
Last Week’s was an American Three-toed Woodpecker.









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