The Twelve Days of Birding (#9)

Snow Geese









On the ninth Day of Christmas, Prairie Birder gave to me:

2000 Snow Geese!

A trip to Edmonton is great for birding, even if it’s not specifically for birding. Living closer to the Rocky Mountains, this opportunity doesn’t come that often. So when I got the chance, I agreed with gusto! The opportunity came when we first found out about the Snow Goose Chase. The Snow Goose Chase is organised in the town of Tofield, with some very good lakes for geese quite nearby.

At the Community Hall, they have some booths set up for things like The Young Naturalists’ Corner. Even with the raptor display, it’s not just birds – they have bugs, rocks, animals and even planets at the Snow Goose Chase!

I found out about this thanks to Prairie Birder (Charlotte) who is a young blogger who I was excited to discover online, and to meet briefly at the Young Naturalists’ table in Tofield.  Her blog and activities and support have encouraged me in my own birding and blogging.  Thanks, Charlotte.

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